Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apple releases iOS 4.3.3 to patch location database.


  Apple relased iOS 4.3.3 for the GSM iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPod touch (3rd+4th gen), and the iPad (1+2) today.  (Another update, iOS 4.2.8, is available for CDMA iPhone users.) This minor update changes the way iOS devices save location data. 

  The good news is that Apple hasn’t patched the untethered exploit used by the latest versions of the jailbreak tools redsn0w, PwnageTool and sn0wbreeze. But still, until these jailbreak tools are updated, the jailbreak will be tethered. These tools should be released in the next few days. We'll post an update once this jailbreak tool is updated. In the mean time, you might want to stay away from this update, as with all iOS updates, if you upgrade you loose you jailbreak. 

The untethered jailbreak is out! Redsn0w 0.9.6 rc15 is your answer.
More info here. For iPhone 4 on 4.2.8, redsn0w will result in a tethered
jailbreak. Either wait for an untethered pack on cydia, or use Sn0wbreeze or 
follow this tutorial to untether your redsn0w jailbreak:
(Yes. It's an untether pack on cydia.)

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