Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you use the internet, you probably have heard of SOPA and PIPA. If these bills are passed by congress, it will probably ruin you lives forever. The initial goal of these bills was to stop foreign websites from hosting and distributing pirated works. These bills have however evolved and now any website found having/distributing copyrighted material and any user that is found using/distributing them will face punishments, if these bills are passed. If you think about it, its a very serious bill that affects all of us. Several websites can be shut down (ie Facebook, YouTube) if this bill passes.

If you don't know about this bill, I suggest reading about it. In protest, Wikipedia is unavailable for 24 hours, along with few other sites, such as reddit. Google is protesting it too, by censoring their logo. An anti-SOPA/PIPA petition is available on these sites.

As you can see, this is very serious stuff!

Edit: Plan success :D

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